Social NOTworking

I’m perplexed by the way in which the social network is being used. I fear we may be entering into a danger zone. A zone where we are slowly moving away from REAL communication and into VIRTUAL communication. Communication is supposed to be a dialogue, yet when leaning solely on social media – and the internet as a whole – the communicator is in monologue mode. That’s dangerous. In many ways, it’s becoming social NOTworking. Now, don’t get me wrong … I believe these modes of communication, when used as an “accessory” tool, can be very beneficial. I use it in my business every day. It helps me promote clients around the globe with the push of a button; and for that … I am thankful. But, when social networking is used as the SOLE form of communication; I begin to worry. I fear we’re potentially bringing up a generation of stunted communicators. No need for give and take. Simply type what you think and hit “send.” No need to stick around for a response. No need to think on your feet. No need for apologies, thank yous, civil debate; nothing. So many are just putting thoughts into cyberspace with not a care in the world what may be the response. My wish is to maintain the sanctity of TRUE communication: Looking your fellow man in the eye and speaking to each other. Reading body language. Finishing a conversation in front of each other and knowing the truth of someone based on a handshake…

I simply ask: Is communication TRULY progressing, or are we retarding ourselves in the long run? Communication is so much more than words, yet we’re quickly forgetting as a society – trading it all for the convenience of the internet. I’m perplexed. But you’ll never see it on my face – for I am behind a computer screen.

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