Public & Media Relations

Public Relations and Media Relations are an integral part of any successful business. But just like you know your business – we know ours. For years, we have successfully promoted multiple clients, garnering media attention to their endeavors. We have improved reputations, calmed crises and increased profits for our clients with wider recognition of their businesses through multiple Public Relations avenues.

When it comes to helping you become more competitive in the marketplace – we’re pros. We can take your project or program from concept to completion – and make sure news media are talking about it every step of the way. Just think of us as your strategic and creative right hand.

Public Relations

Communication is key to the success of any business. Knowing your audience and how to target your message to each audience – concisely – is where we come in. We operate both internally and externally so your company will have no miscommunication. The saying, “It’s all about relationships” is true in any successful business. Our goal at Nomiss Communication is to help you find innovative ways to build, maintain and connect with new relationships – both internally and externally to become even more recognized. Solid, consistent communication is not always as simple as it seems. Nomiss uses strategic planning both internally and externally so your company will always stay on target.

Media Relations

Having a mutually beneficial relationship with the media is important, but how does your company establish the relationship? Nomiss Communication helps businesses gain excellent relationships with media outlets and serves as a liaison between clients and local, state and national outlets to garner exposure on television, radio, in print and through social media.

Crisis Communication

It’s not “if” there will be a communication problem that arises in your company- It’s when. Nomiss Communication develops a crisis communication plan for all clients well ahead of any crisis situation so you’re ready should the media come calling. We’re not spin doctors – and we never will be. Nomiss follows a tried and true philosophy of, “mess up, fess up,” and is there to help your business in communicating – and maintaining a positive relationship – with the media even in difficult times.

Earned Media

A news story on television, an article in the newspaper, or a website post in a major media outlet isn’t bought, it’s earned. How? By knowing what the media wants and targeting your message to meet their needs and ultimately helping to develop stories that will make the news. Nomiss Communication excels in this arena and is recognized – and even recommended – by print, radio and television news directors and editors as a leader in providing quality news content. Bottom line: All media are looking for good resources, yet they are limited in their time on air, in print or on the web. Nomiss works to serve as their resource and assists in contributing solid news leads that benefit clients while still meeting the needs of journalists.

Other Services

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