Virtual Reality

Ten years ago I took the leap of faith to begin Nomiss Communication. Looking back at how the business has grown – and pondering what’s in store for the future – I realize more than anything how much the world has changed in a decade. In 2005, I was just barely learning a new phenomenon called Facebook. Social media was a blip on the radar screen compared to what it is today. Then, I was merely dabbling in social media. Now, anyone in this business has to be adept – or that business will fail. Those in the communications business have been forced to know the virtual reality world – and work within it – in order to publicize clients, calm crises, know the news and to speak with those who live behind computers.

I find it to be a double-edged sword. I prefer the real world, not the virtual world. While I have grown, I haven’t changed. And on this 10th anniversary, I ponder whether that’s a good or bad thing.

People are amazing creatures. Personally, I derive my energy through being with other people. Seeing them. Getting to know them. Talking with them. Listening to them. Being a part of the group. My brain, my heart and my soul are stimulated being with people.

On the other hand, put me in the office alone for a couple days behind a computer; and I’ll go crazy. I can only handle virtual reality in small doses.

I think many in my generation and older can relate. I’m fearful the millennials (and younger) don’t have a clue to which I speak. Virtual reality is truly their reality.

Which brings me back to pondering Nomiss Communication’s 10-year anniversary and what’s in store for the future. It will continue to grow. It will continue to adapt to technological changes and the needs society faces as communication changes. Why? Because if we’re not always growing, we are dying.

As for me. I, too, will continue to grow and adapt. But I will stay steadfast to my roots. While I will continue to learn and work within the virtual world – I will forever remain true to the real world.

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